About Us

About Us

Tora Tea Co. is a purveyor of premium grade organic Japanese green tea. To meet our exceedingly high standards, we source only the finest teas available on the market. Sure, you can purchase other teas from Japan... but trust us—they're just not as good! We know that we may not sell the cheapest tea around, and that's OK with us because we can sleep well at night knowing that we sold our customers the very best products we could find!

What makes your products so much better than others?

We don't like dealing with people who cut corners. We make sure that every tea we sell is grown, processed, blended and packaged with the utmost care. Therefore, all of our teas look great, smell great and perhaps more importantly—taste great too! We simply will not sell a particular type of tea until we're certain that we have found the very best available (we try a lot of samples)!

Furthermore, all of our products are 100% certified organic through both the USDA and HOAS (Hyogo Prefectural Organic Agriculture Society) in Japan. This means you can be sure that our teas contain absolutely no GMO's, additives or harmful pesticides. We believe that this is the way tea should be—pure and simple! After all, centuries before modern industrial farming emerged, all tea was organic! Yes, it's a lot more work to produce high-quality organic tea, but ultimately we feel that it's better for both you and the environment.

But really, why are your products so much better?

Umm... well... I guess you'll just have to try them and find out!

So please take a moment and browse our selection of premium teas; we're sure you'll find one to suit your taste. There's no need to travel to the far east to enjoy some of finest tea on earth!